Daniel Quach

About me

I am Daniel Quach, Graphics Programmer working at Avalanche Studios, right now.
I like working on gpu programming, parallel programming, low-level.
Feel free to take a look on games and projects I worked on!
Feel free to contact me for any question or proposition!


Avalanche Studios - Unannounced project

2017 - ????


I worked as Graphics Programmer on Avalanche in-house engine featuring PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 platforms.
My job includes:

  • Porting existing 3D engine to DirectX 12
  • Working on GPU particles (collision on depth buffer, terrain, modifiers, ...)
  • Working on Volumetric Fog
  • Working on Terrain
  • Working on Vegetation
  • Doing postprocesses
  • Debugging and optimizing 3D & multithreaded engine


C++, Direct3D 11 & 12, gnm, Terrain, Compute Shader, Multi-threading, Perforce, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Graphics Programming, Engine Programming, Visual Studio

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Ubisoft Paris - Ghost Recon Wildlands

2015 - 2017


I worked as Graphics Programmer alongside with environment, technical & FX artists. I worked on Ubisoft in-house engine featuring PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 platforms.
I partly implemented & maintained terrain features/fully-GPU tools such as:

  • Painting tools for topology, material, vegetation, moisture, ... (filter/shape/mask brushes)
  • Import from Houdini-baked data (vegetation, roads, river maps ...)
  • Terrain nightly & real-time bake process (Compression, background rendering (vista), props heightmap, ...)
  • Terrain rendering pipeline (editor view, virtual texture, terrain rendering model ...)
  • Export terrain data from GPU for Gameplay purpose
  • Perforce pipeline integration

I also worked on features such as:

  • "Top space ambient occlusion" based on props heightmap computed within lighting pass
  • Screen-space GPU particles effects
  • Bink video during real-time gameplay
  • Z-PrePass

I optimized part of the game, debugged several renderpasses and memory overwrite issues, multithreading issues.


C++, Direct3D 11, gnm, C#, WPF, Terrain, (Async) Compute Shader, Multi-threading, Perforce, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Graphics Programming, Engine Programming, Tools Programming, Visual Studio

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Pastagames - Pix the Cat



Pastagames is a small-sized French company specialized in hand-crafted games. They are primarily known for Rayman: Jungle Run (made alongside with Ubisoft), Maestro! Jump in music and recently Pix the Cat
I worked on Linguini, Pastagames' in-house C++ game engine, implementing features such as Linguini's multi-threading module on PC/PS4/PSVita, PS Vita sound engine.
I also implemented PS4 vibe system and PS Vita trophies system, debugged texture loading module and worked on assets loading.


C++, Lua, Visual Studio, Multi-threading, Sound Engine, TortoiseSVN, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Engine Programming, Sound Programming

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Civiliz is a French start-up company providing toolset to companies interested in customer reviews. This toolset tracks customers information to help companies in their business intelligence.
I worked on web and mobile application. Besides, I built a mailing process, worked on file storage on Amazon S3 and designed an RESTful API for the company. I also worked on their software testing process by building a process based on Behavior Driven Development using Gherkin language.
Partners: Société Générale (banking), La Poste (mail service, banking), Caisse d'Epargne (banking), Quick (fast-food)


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, CakePHP, Cuke4PHP, Gherkin, Phactory, Git

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Personal Projects

Eternal Engine



Own engine featuring multithreaded deferred renderer written in Direct3D 11 (Direct3D 12 coming soon).
It implements physically-based BRDF (GGX Specular, Schlick Fresnel Appromixation), FBX, TGA format and Ocornut ImGui external lib.
I am also currently working on shadowing.


C++, Direct3D, Visual Studio, Git

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Mid/Long term projects



I Was A Child - Graphics Programmer - Unreal Engine (Custom)
Game about child soldiers in a paper world.
I did procedural generated texture, procedural animation and some post-processes (paper fold, paper texture, edges).
I also worked on 3C (controls, camera, character animation).

Soon - Graphics/Gameplay Programmer - Unity
Puzzle-game with time leaping mechanics.
I worked on Time leaping engine, had to work on optimization for fast-forward. I also implemented some visual effects.

La fabrique des étoiles (e.g. Star Craft in French) - Programmer - XNA
Famous Starcraft clone. We were aiming for 1 unit, 1 building, 1 tiled map.
Game made for practicing software engineering, parallel programming and network programming.

Short term projects

Game Jam


2wo (Global Game Jam) - Programmer - Unity
Puzzle/Platform-game in which you play with a spotlight to create path with shadows.
I worked on shadow projection and UI programming.

Bottle - Programmer - Unity
Narrative game about protecting bottle throwed in sea.
I worked on prototyping gameplay, graphics and UI programming. I optimized the final game for low-end Android smartphone.

Wander - Programmer - Unity
Puzzle-game in which you play a blind man trying to escape from ancient cave.
I worked on bug fixing, implenting additional levels and scripting environments.

Ayi'ig Pulse - Programmer/A.I. - Unity
Horror/Stealth game in which you're escaping from spaceship full of aliens.
I worked on AI and did A* search algorithm.